November 15, 2023
Furnace inspection in Drexel Hill, PA

Furnace inspections are often overlooked, at least until the cold weather arrives. Yet, having your furnace inspected can help prevent a breakdown of your heating system. Here is how furnace inspections help prevent major repairs and provide other important benefits.

Furnace Inspections Help Prevent Repairs

Annual furnace inspections provide a way to check your heating system for leaks, damages, or debris buildup. These common furnace issues can lead to more costly repairs in the future. A leaking or damaged furnace can be dangerous and lead to major repairs. Furnace inspections include carbon monoxide tests to make sure gas units are not leaking into your home, which is hazardous. Since it is odorless and colorless, carbon monoxide is difficult to detect, so it’s essential to make sure none is leaking into your home.

These visits also examine the heat exchanger and burner for leaks to make sure gas is not circulating into your home. Inspections involve checking the flue pipes to make sure that they are not blocked or rusted. Furnace inspections likewise check fittings on gas lines to determine if they are airtight and all safety controls. All of these parts are vital to your furnace. If they are damaged or clogged, it could lead to a gas leak and repairs.

Furnace inspections will also check, clean, or replace air filters. These filters get clogged with dirt, debris, and allergens. Dirty filters prevent your heating system from working properly and make it work harder to circulate air, which can lead to a furnace breakdown. In addition, an inspection will check air vents to ensure they are not obstructed and stop your furnace from working the way it should.

Leaking and clogged furnaces can lead to more costly repairs and prevent your unit from operating efficiently.

Inspections Help Furnace Efficiency

Making sure the airflow is working correctly is one way to ensure your furnace works efficiently. Dirty filters are often responsible for reduced airflow and straining your furnace. Ductwork can also hinder a furnace and make it operate inefficiently. Dust and dirt that have accumulated on essential parts of your furnace are another cause of inefficiency. Inspections check and clean motor blowers. When the blower has dirt buildup, it can impact the airflow and lead to an underperforming heating system. A furnace inspection includes testing the manifold gas pressure and proper combustion so that the unit is operating with the best fuel efficiency.

Furnace inspections check electrical connections, fans, and belts for top performance. Inspection visits also evaluate the flue for any obstructions that could block emissions from leaving your house. If any problem exists with ventilation, it could harm indoor air quality and make your furnace work inefficiently. An efficient furnace will help prevent major repairs and provide lower energy bills.

Furnace Inspections Help Lower Energy Costs

Furnaces are central to space heating, which is usually the largest home energy expense. Preventive maintenance is one of the best ways to lower your energy bill. By checking essential parts like the blower motor and the heat exchanger, furnace inspections allow your system to run smoothly and not excessively. If your furnace is not up to speed, it results in higher energy costs. For example, if the fan control is not accurately set, it leads to inefficient on-and-off cycles for your furnace. Or, if the motor’s moving parts need lubrication, it will not work properly because of too much friction, leading to longer heating cycles.

Furnace inspections also check the pilot assembly, the thermostat for calibration, and overall airflow to determine if your system is operating the way it should. In essence, when a furnace is not maintained, it will run longer and work harder, leading to increased energy usage. Furnace inspections help alleviate these energy costs and can extend the life of your furnace. Many furnaces can last over 15 years, if properly maintained, which also reduces expenses. Having your furnace inspected at least once per year is recommended to avoid higher energy costs, an inefficient heating system, and costly repairs.

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