January 20, 2021

Homeowners rely on their furnaces to keep them warm in the winter, and a furnace needs to work properly to deliver the desired temperature. When something’s wrong with the furnace, don’t expect it to operate efficiently. Depending on the issue, a heating system might even break down completely if maintenance is neglected.

Obviously, maintenance does help, but is it necessary to have maintenance performed annually? Generally, the answer to that question is yes. Read on to understand why.

Routine Maintenance, Service and Tune-Ups

Most experts and authorities do recommend a once-a-year maintenance visit. A professional should check the system to see if it is running well and also perform a routine tune-up to prevent any future issues.

Some might wonder why the system needs annual maintenance if it runs without any apparent problems. The concept of maintenance isn’t the same as repair. Tune-up, cleaning and inspection services should actually be performed annually to avoid the need for many repairs.

There are several other benefits to receiving maintenance once a year. Among the most important is preparation of the equipment for the coming winter. This is the season when its use is vitally important, and seasonal maintenance increases the chances the unit will perform optimally. This simple precaution allows the homeowner to have confidence in the equipment during the months when its reliability is needed the most.

Inspections Uncover Problems

Homeowners don’t want to suffer through furnace inefficiency or outright failure on a cold winter day. If there’s a worn condenser coil or another part that looks problematic, a technician could take steps to fix things long before that happens. The entire system ought to undergo an inspection, giving its owner a clear idea of the furnace’s condition. When a previously unknown defect is discovered, a technician can suggest a practical solution. Ignoring it isn’t wise, and failing to correct a problem usually causes the troubles to worsen, leading to more expensive repairs and possibly a reduced furnace lifespan.

Manufacturers often recommend annual maintenance to keep their furnaces running efficiently. A warranty won’t likely cover problems caused by neglect, so preventive maintenance is only sensible. Be sure to review the terms of your warranty because annual maintenance may be one of its requirements to keep the agreement valid.

An Extensive Examination

Preventive maintenance involves more items than a homeowner normally realizes. Replacing the filter is an obvious first step. A clogged filter could lead to overheating, poor efficiency, weakened air quality and more. However, changing the filter is only the beginning.

The average homeowner may have no idea what a flame sensor does, but it provides an essential safety feature. When the necessary flame unexpectedly goes out, a working flame sensor should detect the problem and shut off the furnace. If the flame sensor were to fail, carbon monoxide or other gasses could exit the furnace and create a dangerous situation.

Other components to inspect include the vent system, heat exchanger, burners, blower wheel and more. Since wiring problems could create fire hazards, checking the electrical wiring is always advisable.

Once again, contacting a skilled technician allows a person with experience and know-how to examine the unit and see if things are working as they should. People living in Drexel Hill, PA, can rely on O'Brien Heating & Air Conditioning to expertly perform this service for them.

Cleaning the System

Dirt, dust and other impurities could end up inside your furnace. The filter might not be able to catch everything. If the furnace ran extensively over the previous winter, there may be a significant buildup that requires cleaning. A dirty furnace simply won’t run at peak efficiency, and its parts could suffer under strain. A proper cleaning during the annual maintenance appointment is essential.

The furnace might not be the only component that could use a good cleaning. Have the air ducts connected to your furnace ever been cleaned? A technician could also check out them. Their joints might have become loose. Why not have them inspected as well? Besides dirt, other problems might be uncovered. Mold in the furnace or the ducts presents serious health concerns. Once mold is discovered, cleaning and disinfecting steps can take place.

O’Brien Heating & Air Conditioning wants to do its part to provide residents of Drexel Hill and surrounding vicinity with both heating and air conditioning services, including installation, repair and maintenance. Our doors first opened in 1955, and we hold an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. Call today to set up a visit from one of our technicians.

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