Certainly not! We offer 24-hour emergency service. All you need to do is call and leave a message on our emergency hotline and we will be calling back as soon as possible!

We absolutely do! We have a basic level called the Performance Agreement which offers preventative maintenance on the covered pieces of equipment as well as priority emergency service and a 10% discount on any service repair. We do also offer higher forms of coverage that we discuss upon inspection of your equipment.

It is a $99 dispatch fee and then we determine the repair charges upfront. We are a flat rate company and do not have a rate we charge per hour. This is to the benefit of our customer as it could take one technician an hour to perform a task and another technician two hours. No surprises… you always approve the price before it’s done!

Nothing! Our quotes/estimates for equipment installations or replacements are 100% free, so it doesn’t hurt to have someone come out and let you know your options!

As you can imagine, with changing weather patterns, we need to be flexible and work around the temperatures. However, we generally perform heating preventative maintenances from August to April and we will work on cooling preventative maintenances from March through September.

Because of how much we believe in the importance of preventative maintenance and our service agreements, our preventative maintenance comes packaged with a Performance agreement!

Yes! Preventative maintenances serve the same purpose as a yearly inspection for your car. It helps to ensure your equipment is working as efficiently and safely as possible. It maximizes the longevity of your equipment and can help you to take care of some minor headaches before they become major ones!

Absolutely! As long as you get preventative maintenance at some point throughout the operating cycle, you are doing your due diligence in giving your equipment the attention it needs!

Yes, we do! It is all a part of our mission to ensure your air is as clean as possible and have that extra measure of O’Comfort!

Certainly! Many of our customers are small office, churches, and other retail establishments. Give us a call at your earliest convenience and we can further discuss/schedule!

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