September 13, 2023
The Importance of Air Quality in Homes and How HVAC Systems Help

Winter is on its way, and that means it will be time to run your furnace soon. Before the heating season begins, schedule a furnace tune-up. Heating maintenance in Drexel Hill and the surrounding areas will pay off throughout the winter. You’ll be glad that you scheduled a cleaning and inspection before firing up your furnace for the year.

Improve Furnace Performance

During a chilly Pennsylvania winter, a well-working furnace is essential. You want a unit that is clean and efficient. A tune-up can help you achieve that goal.

Your furnace technician will clean and lubricate the various parts of your appliance. That may include changing the filter, clearing the drain line, dusting the coils and oiling the motor bearings. As a result, your unit will run more efficiently as it evenly and effectively warms your home.

Lower Power Bills

Efficiency saves money. Inefficient furnaces can cause your power bills to rise higher and higher.

Fortunately, the more efficient your system is, the less power it demands. You may begin to see the difference in your utility bills after maintenance has been performed. The less power you use, the less you’ll have to pay each month. Soon, your maintenance visit may have paid for itself.

Increase Reliability

Cleaning and lubricating your furnace can reduce wear and tear as it runs. As a result, its parts are less likely to give out during the winter. You may go all season without needing to call for service.

Plus, during a tune-up, your technician will keep an eye out for parts that are due for repair or replacement. If any concerns arise during this inspection, you’ll receive advice on the best way to address the problem. Taking care of small issues during the fall may help you avoid a situation in which your furnace stops working mid-winter.

Protect Your Equipment

If your furnace breaks down in the middle of winter, repair may be an option. When repairs are quite expensive, however, it’s often more sensible to replace the entire unit. Perhaps you’d rather not be faced with that decision quite yet. In that case, make sure to get your system tuned up. You’ll reduce the likelihood of needing major repairs anytime soon.

Plus, regular maintenance visits help extend the overall lifespan of a furnace. Annual cleanings and inspections keep wear at bay. The furnace components may hold up longer, which means you might get more years out of your system.

Stay Safe

When running a furnace, the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning is always something to keep in mind. For safety’s sake, you should install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home.

Another way to protect the comfort of your home is to schedule a furnace tune-up in the fall. Your technician will specifically look for signs that suggest a potential carbon monoxide leak. The technician will be sure to point out problems with the heat exchanger, the flue pipes or the blower motor and discuss your options for repair or replacement.

If your furnace passes an autumn inspection, you can feel confident about safely running your system this winter.

Receive Top-Notch Attention

Furnace maintenance provides invaluable prevention against midwinter heating issues, but it’s not a foolproof plan. You may still need repairs at some point. When that happens, you’ll want to know that you’re getting the best furnace service in Drexel Hill and the surrounding areas.

Before you schedule a maintenance visit, think about signing up for one of our O’Comfort Plans. This service agreement includes two tune-ups each year —one for your furnace and one for your air conditioner. As long as you’re paying for a maintenance visit anyway, it makes sense to become a member.

We offer service agreements at multiple levels, but each one includes 24-hour priority emergency repairs. Our members get the very best of our attention. Plus, depending on your membership level, you may receive discounts on repairs, installations or duct cleanings.

For furnace care in the Drexel Hill area, O'Brien Heating & Air Conditioning is the team to choose. We offer furnace and heat pump installations, repairs and maintenance services. During the warmer months, we provide care for air conditioning systems. We are a Lennox Premier Dealer and have experience working with all makes and models. You can also count on our company for air quality, water heater and commercial HVAC services. We are BBB-accredited and have received an award from Trust us to be a reliable company for your heating and cooling needs.

Call O'Brien Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about furnace maintenance today.

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