June 13, 2023
AC Maintenance in Drexel Hill, PA

While Drexel Hill, PA has some cold winters, the temperatures in the summer get so high that you need a reliable AC system. New systems typically come with a manufacturer warranty that lasts between five and 15 years. However, there are usually stipulations in the warranty. Find out what can void your warranty and prevent you from getting support, like a lack of regular maintenance.

What Does Routine AC Maintenance Include?

Routine AC maintenance consists of tasks designed to keep the system running well. While you must do your part to change the air filters, regularly, many maintenance tasks must be performed by a qualified technician.

Some of the steps in AC maintenance include:

  • Inspecting the system for loose or damaged parts
  • Removing any debris from around the outdoor unit
  • Cleaning the fins, fans, and other parts
  • Cleaning evaporator coil
  • Ensuring that the coolant levels are high

How Often Should You Opt for Maintenance?

We usually recommend that you schedule an AC maintenance check-up once a year. This helps ensure the system can handle the hot summer temperatures. It allows us to catch and repair small issues before they grow and lead to a system failure. Many people wait until summer hits to schedule maintenance, but calling earlier can save you time. Early- to mid-spring, before the temperatures get too high, offers the greatest flexibility in appointment times.

Does a Lack of Maintenance Void Your Warranty?

Your AC warranty is a contract between you and the manufacturer. Most manufacturer warranties will cover at least five years. However, many manufacturers will extend the warranty if you register the product. Your warranty will likely cover defective parts but might not cover the labor to install those parts. Some manufacturers let you add a labor warranty to your coverage for a small fee.

Most warranties require you to have routine maintenance for your AC system. Be sure to read through the contract and check the language used. It will likely state that you need to perform maintenance at least once a year to keep your coverage. The manufacturer may ask for proof that you hired someone to do the job, such as a receipt from your last tune-up.

The manufacturer warranties can require that you work with a licensed HVAC contractor or company. Some brands even require you to work with an authorized team with experience with that brand’s products. If you try to save money by hiring someone who doesn’t have the proper training and licenses, you’ll likely void your warranty.

It’s usually best to only use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. You might void the warranty if you have the technician use non-OEM parts. Trying to save money with non-OEM parts will often cost you more in the long run. Using parts that are not compatible can cause serious damage to the AC units.

Some brands do not let buyers transfer their systems when they sell the home. If you buy a home with a central AC installed, you’ll need to check that the warranty is still valid. Be sure to get maintenance receipts from the seller.

Register You New System

The technicians who install your AC system will usually give you a packet of papers. This will include a receipt for the labor and parts. It should also have the original equipment manual and explain the steps to register it. You may need the serial number and other information. Many manufacturers require that you register your system within 90 days of your purchase or installation date. The benefits of registering your system include notification of any recalls. Even better, it will sometimes extend the length and coverage of the warranty.

Don’t Void Your AC Warranty

Many things will void your warranty, from hiring the wrong person for the job to waiting too long to register it. Skipping routine maintenance is one of the biggest reasons the manufacturer will void the warranty. We offer reliable maintenance for heating and AC units. You can count on us for the installation and repair of these systems. We also offer indoor air quality services. Contact O'Brien Heating & Air Conditioning today to see how you can get the AC maintenance your warranty requires.

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