O'Brien Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in air quality testing in Lower Merion Township, PA. We can identify any indoor air quality problems you’re currently facing. We also offer a range of equipment and services that can help ensure the air inside your home is fresh and clean.

    Air Quality Testing in Lower Merion Township

    Our IAQ services include:
    • Humidifiers
    • Dehumidifiers
    • Germicidal lights

    Although air quality is something that most people rarely consider, studies have shown that the air inside your house tends to be far more polluted than the air outside. Pollen, exhaust fumes, dust mites, and other common airborne pollutants can drastically affect air quality. The easiest way to avoid these issues is to have your air professionally tested.

    Improving Indoor Air Quality in Lower Merion Township

    There are a huge number of things that can impact your home’s air quality and your overall comfort. Biological pollutants like mold and pollen are obvious issues for anyone with allergies, but there are also much more serious pollutants you may need to worry about. Some of these contaminants may be present in your home already whereas others could be tracked in from outside or from your workplace.

    For instance, if your home has an attached garage, there is a good chance that exhaust fumes from your car are getting into the building without you knowing it. Your home’s building materials and furniture and even your clothing can all potentially give off harmful contaminants like formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Even cooking your nightly dinner can contribute to poor air quality.

    Air quality testing is something every homeowner should consider, but it is especially important if you notice any of these issues.

    Improving Indoor Air Quality in Lower Merion Township

    IAQ issues:
    • Mold or mildew smells or visible mold growth
    • Excessive dampness or condensation
    • Frequent headaches, dizziness, or nausea
    • Itchy or runny eyes
    • Excessive amounts of dust blowing out of your vents

    Having your home’s air professionally tested is the first step to improving your air quality. Depending on the results of the test, you may have a range of options that can help. Air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers can all be good options in certain cases. Moreover, even something as simple as having your ductwork professionally cleaned can instantly give your air quality a huge boost.

    Professional Air Quality Testing

    With more than 65 years of service, O'Brien Heating & Air Conditioning has the knowledge and experience to help you overcome any air quality issues. We carry a wide range of air quality equipment, including air purifiers, germicidal lights, air filters, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers, and we will work with you to determine the best solution for your specific needs. As one of the area’s top-rated companies, we are proud to be on the Expertise.com list of the Best HVAC Professionals in Philadelphia for both 2021 and 2022.

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