May 9, 2023
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Air conditioning difficulties come at the most inopportune times. A faulty or old air conditioning system is often pushed beyond its capabilities on a hot, humid day. Keeping your AC unit in good working condition is important for your family’s comfort and health. You can avoid costly AC repair services by identifying small problems early. Therefore, you should learn what signs indicate your air conditioning unit needs repair.

Blowing Warm Air

Check the thermostat when warm air blows from your home’s vents. Make sure it is on cooling mode and set lower than your home’s current temperature. If warm air still blows from the vents, the issue may be due to restricted airflow or a compressor problem.

At O'Brien Heating & Air Conditioning, we highly advise relying on the expertise of professionals for HVAC maintenance and repairs rather than attempting to make do-it-yourself adjustments. After all, your home’s cooling system is intricate and necessitates precise calibration.

Insufficient Airflow

Low airflow is a typical indicator that your air conditioner isn’t operating well or that there is a clog in the ductwork in your house. A faulty motor, clogged air filters, or something worse might be a cause. The lack of air movement can also indicate the system is under-sized for your home.

Frequent Cycles

Your air conditioner should perform reasonably regular cooling cycles regardless of the weather. Even though you can expect your cooling system to run more frequently during the hottest summer days, it shouldn’t constantly cycle on and off.

We recommend contacting our cooling experts if you notice frequent cycles. Regular air conditioner tune-ups may help eliminate frequent cycling. However, it could also indicate the need for a new air conditioner or thermostat.

High Levels of Humidity

In the warmer months, outdoor weather can be sticky and unpleasant, but that doesn’t mean your indoor environment should be the same. An air conditioner’s duty includes removing humidity from the air in your house.

If you find water accumulating around your windows or a sticky sensation in the air inside your house, this is a sign that your air conditioner isn’t operating correctly. Contact air experts to assess whether you are facing an issue.

Water Leaks

Your air conditioner circulates refrigerant to cool your abode. Water condenses and accumulates on the evaporator coils. The system is designed to collect and move the water safely outside your home. Puddles or mold growth near the air conditioner indicates something is wrong with your cooling system. Avoid letting air conditioning leaks damage your home and cause structural problems by contacting our service technicians immediately.

Foul Odors from Your System

If you notice bad odors coming from your HVAC vents, you should address the problem immediately. If you pick up a strong, pungent scent, it could mean the wire insulation within your system has burned out and requires immediate replacement. Other sources of odors include mold or mildew within the unit and a refrigerant leak.

Strange Noises from Your System

When most air conditioners start up and shut down, they make a low-level noise. However, loud, sudden, or unusual noises can indicate serious problems with your air conditioning system.

Rattling or buzzing noises might indicate a loose component, but whistling or grinding noises could indicate a more serious problem. This sort of problem is unlikely to go away on its own. Thus, a professional tune-up is essential.

Increasing Electric Bill

Another sign that your AC system needs replacement or repair is a rapidly rising energy bill not attributed to environmental causes. A broken thermostat switch, leaks in your HVAC system’s ductwork, or the air conditioning unit’s advanced age could all be the source of this issue.

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These signs serve as helpful reminders of how to identify a problem promptly and, in many circumstances, prevent the need for an HVAC unit replacement entirely. In summer, your home’s temperature depends on the smooth operation of the AC’s various mechanics. We offer heating and cooling system installation, repair, and maintenance. We also offer duct cleaning and other indoor air quality improvement services. You can also call us for traditional or tankless water heater installation and repair.

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