December 15, 2020

The heating system in your home is crucial to the comfort of your family in the winter months. And a problem with your heating system will need to be fixed as quickly as possible when the air is cold outside your home. The following troubleshooting tips may prove helpful if your heating system fails to work properly.

1. Inspect Filters

Checking your air filters is a simple process and should be one of the first things you do if you are not receiving adequate heat from your furnace. The flow of air through the system is likely to become insufficient if dirt, dust, and debris build up in the filter. Potential problems include uncomfortable temperatures, reduced indoor air quality, and, in some cases, a complete system failure.

2. Check the Furnace Flame

A blue flame acts as an indicator that your furnace is burning fuel safely and efficiently. It is also normal for the furnace flame to include a small portion of yellow at its tip. A furnace flame that is yellow, green, or another color that is not blue, means you should call a technician to inspect your heating system. It is not a good idea for you to attempt repairs on a problem with your furnace flame on your own.

3. Inspect Vents and Registers

If you notice that certain rooms in your home are cold despite the fact that your system seems to run as intended, you should check all the vents and registers in your home for airflow. First, check to see that these furnace components are in the open position. You should then ensure that no objects, like couches, bookshelves, or rugs, are obstructing the flow of air from vents to the rooms in your home.

4. Check the Thermostat

Your thermostat is another likely culprit when your heating system fails to provide sufficient heat to your home. You can start the check of your thermostat by making sure the power is on to the device. If not, try fresh batteries. You should next adjust the temperature setting to 5 degrees higher than the current temperature setting.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if your thermostat is in a poor location, it can receive incorrect information from its environment. This false information will cause the thermostat to deliver incorrect instructions to the heating system. Examples include thermostats with locations in direct sunlight, near space heaters, or close to other sources of heat.

5. Check the Electrical Panel

When your heating system is not working, the problem may lie with the energy source. Take a moment to check the switch that allows power to flow to your furnace. If the power switch is in the “on” position, it is time to examine the electrical panel.

Check to make sure that the breaker switch that controls the current to your heating system is on. If the breakers in your breaker box are not labeled, look for any breakers positioned opposite to the other breaker switches in the box. If you see a breaker that needs resetting, move the breaker switch until it is completely in the “off” position before you flip it to the “on” position. You should hear a click once the reset is complete.

You can also replace any fuses that are melted or discolored. You only need to be sure you replace old fuses with one of the exact type and size. You can take the old fuse to the hardware store with you to be sure you get the right one.

6. Check the Pilot Light

When your furnace kicks off suddenly for no apparent reason, you will do well to check if the pilot light is still burning. You can relight the pilot yourself if needed, but it is safer to call in a professional to perform this duty. If you decide to light the pilot yourself, turn off the gas supply to the system and wait for 15 minutes. Do not proceed with the task if you smell gas.

The winter months are not the time for prolonged problems with your heating system. When problems do arise with your heating system, you want to identify and fix these problems as quickly as possible. Families in the Drexel Hill, PA, area can put their trust in the services of the trained professionals at O'Brien Heating & Air Conditioning. We have been helping area families maintain comfort in their homes for more than half a century, and our team offers the best service available for all your HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation needs. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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